Positivity not Negativity

Petanque is a game of confidence. It is often won or lost in the 10cm of grey matter between the ears as well as in the skill of the player.

When we play with confidence we play well. When we have negative thoughts in our head things just never seem to go right. Yet every day players push negative thoughts into their team mates heads and don't think twice about it. How often do we hear the following on the terrain;

  • "Be careful not to hit the front ball".

  • "Don't shoot you might miss."

  • "Just point in don't shoot."

           and so on......

If we understand that nobody ever throws a bad ball on purpose and accept that a boule played to the front of the coche is like a magnet to many following boules we should understand the consequences of putting negative thoughts in our teammates heads and that it invariably damages their confidence and the teams chances. Negative thoughts drain the confidence of players, prevent players doing what the game demands and turn our wonderful sport into a game of roll and hope.

At Parley we should always try to be positive. If it is not positive don't say it. If somebody has to shoot say, ' go on take it out,' not you might miss. If somebody has to point and avoid a front boule say, 'you have plenty of space here,' showing them where, and if somebody has to shoot when they are weak at shooting hearing that 'they can' will be a huge encouragement rather than 'oh no you might miss.'

It will take a while before positivity reaps its rewards but eventually our club will play without fear, play with confidence and play with skill levels unencumbered by fear.

Be Positive Please.



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