Shaftesbury Petanque Club Visit

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

On a sweltering hot day we enjoyed hosting Shaftesbury Petanque Club from the Keystone Petanque League in North Dorset. The games were closely fought and played in a good spirit with Parley coming out the winners 9-2 on the day.

Connie from Shaftesbury was voted their best player with some immaculate pointing and some great play on critical points. David Plaistow was chosen as the best player from Parley for shooting the coche out to save the game on several occasions. With three rounds of doubles, triples and then doubles again Parley had the advantage using 18 players while each Shaftesbury player had to play every game.

Happy memories for everyone and a big thank you to everyone who played and made the day fun. It was a pity that some people left early as they were not in the pictures to record their participation.

Thank you Shaftesbury.

August 2019
Shaftesbury Petanque Club at Parley

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