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ips download macinu2011 appleQ: Can we detect and mark a wall if the robot gets stuck? As an aside, this is my first robocar question. Please be gentle with me! I'm working on building a robocar and I want to know if the software can detect a wall in front of the robot. This way, the robot is not only able to move to the right direction, but it's also able to detect a wall and stop. I'm using SLAM + stereo vision (stereo camera) to track the world. Ideally, the robot would mark a wall and then move through it. However, I don't want to risk the robot getting stuck in a wall. So, I'd like to detect a wall but avoid it. I'm using an ultrasonic sensor to get range data. From the range data, the software can deduce if the robot is approaching a wall. It sounds like I want to do this: The robot is moving at 50cm/s (2.5cm/s) towards a wall. The ultrasonic sensor detects the wall and the robot slows down to 15cm/s (0.75cm/s) The robot passes the wall. My problem is, it seems I can't use the acceleration sensor (accelerometer) to detect that the robot is slowing down. Is there a way to detect the robot slowing down without relying on the acceleration sensor? A: You are thinking in the right direction, but are missing one crucial piece. You need to find a way to determine that there is a wall in front of you. Your first attempt to use an ultrasonic sensor looks good. However, I don't think that your sensor is adequate for this task. It's really expensive to integrate into a robot, and it is not accurate. Even if your robot can detect a wall in front of it, you will not be able to accurately determine if that wall is a real object or not. As you approach the wall, your robot is likely to sense that the sensor is "stuck" to the wall. That means you know that the robot is not able to move any further in the direction it is facing. You will still be able to use your sensors to determine the distance to the wall, but you cannot know if the wall is an obstacle or not. You will need to generate a map of the



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