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Pétanque is very easy to learn but also hard to master and it can be frustrating when things simply don't go as well as you want. At Parley we offer support at every level for those who want it, whether it is simply understanding the rules or basic tactics we can help. Even the best players are continually seeking to improve their skills.

Maybe you want to improve your shooting, learn how to spin the boule, know why landing spots are important or how to lob. Whatever you want to learn we can help. Simply complete the form below and send it to us. Then at a time convenient to you we will arrange to support you in a 1:1 or small group session which ever you prefer.

Standing at the 'target end' develops your spacial awareness and gives you a better understanding of where you can play and the space you have. It also prevents you crowding the thrower and lets you can see very quickly whose boule is winning.

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